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Jambu Capsule - Jambuhills 60 cap

Jambu Capsule - Jambuhills 60 cap
Jambu Capsule - Jambuhills 60 cap
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Product Code : JB008
Brand Name : Herbal Hills
Product Description

Product Specification of Jambu Capsule are outlined as below :

Jambuhills 60 Capsules - Healthy Blood Sugar

Jambubeej is well thought out to have a likely property to minimize the sugar level both in blood & urine. It also has a cohesive action i.e. it has a unified and interrelated action.
- Each of these capsule comprise of 175 mg Jambu seed Powder and 250 mg of extract (which is generally taken as dry extract) from Jambu seeds (which is known as Eugenia jambolana) (8:1) (and it is equal to 2000 mg of Jambu seeds). When these tablets are assessed and evaluated then it is found out that they comprises of Bitter NLT 2%, Saponin 6%.

- In Ayurvedic literature Jamun seeds have been declared to be most beneficial in Prameha - Diabetes Mellitus. This has been supported with the help of contemporary and current scientific literatures & publications. Jamun has also been found beneficial in refining and improvising the functions of the pancreas. The astringent properties of Jamun benefits to bring about radical change in Healthy Blood sugar control and also regulate extreme and undue urination in Diabetes.

Benefits of Jambu Capsule are outlined as below :

- It is considered Helpful in the management of Diabetes by its Blood Sugar managing effects.
- it also aids and assists in proper functioning of the Liver
- It is considered as Safe and secure for Long term use along with contemporary medicines of Diabetes.